More than 50 Regional and International Brands Showcased

The World Franchise Forum will showcase more than 50 Regional and International brands seeking development partners in the German-speaking markets.

Each brand is here at the World Franchise Forum to identify franchise partners ready to build their brands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and beyond at single, multi-unit, master and area development levels.

International Franchises like:

McDonald's, Fastsign, Pizza Hut, Pingus´s English, Carl's Jr., Right at Home, Steak n´ Shake, The Bagel bar, Anytime, PSC International, Camille´s, Sweet-Factory, etc.

National Franchises like:

Dulce Chocolate, EASYFITNESS, immergrün, hairfree, Joey's Pizza, Body´Minute, La Luna, STRAETUS, AMB, BEITRAINING, Estella Kochlust, etc.

New Franchises like:

Kreuzburger, Learn2Learn, Steiners Schwäbische Genussmanufaktur, Lex, Delice Delikatessen, épi, Quetzal, Pink Punk, etc.

Each franchisor present their concept in English or German in difference congress rooms and will have a dedicated meeting point to meet with delegates at the event. Additional 1:1 business meetings will be arranged with candidates in advance.